About SpectraLotus

The Quantum Spectral Mirror is a method and a unique photographic approach to trapping and displaying light as the fundamental universal principle. This approach makes available iconic patterns that point towards an implicate order. These images reveal the always already awareness that is light, the basic dynamic of all things in all moments. Everything whatsoever, each object, being, plant, rock, or idea is at its core a modification of light. Each "object" is a speciation of light reflecting the quantum order and photodynamic blueprint which is in every case consciousness itself. Thus every "object" or mass is endowed with consciousness which is a reflection of energy moving at the speed of light squared. Therefore light, energy, mass, space, and time are symmetrical and perfectly unified through this fundamental photodynamic principle. Light is always self propagating an awareness of itself in each and every now. This is the nature of light. This is the realm of the Quantum Spectral Mirror. Energy equal to mass times the speed of light squared times pi.